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    You can replace that skill with a better skill and if you think about this you know what we're talking about here with a bench press for example how you could potentially take a poor technique and over time turn into a good technique which is then going to effectively stress the muscular system the way you want it to so your body grows the way it once you want it to so the problem is is that to grow a significant amount of muscle new muscle you know I've seen it happen with clients and having myself during various periods of time you ZMass Testo can actually grow a lot of muscle in a very short period of time if all the elements come together you know correctly one of the most important things is to be over a lot of muscle in a short period of time is I guess being able to significantly increase intensity and or volume of training but still be able to Train well like you know you can have you know when you talk about intensity you can have a workout where you search a lot of energy and you try really really hard but if it's not then an effective workout as well like we're talking about here for the chest then the chest is not going to grow you know so it you know you get stuck in this quandary where you develop your body to a certain level and what's.

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